2022 Insights on Web Design’s Impact to Content Marketing 

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Web design and content work go hand-in-hand. If one is strong, your message will not engage your audience; if the other is weak, you cannot drive profitable customer action. Content marketing is about publishing and sharing valuable content to attract a clearly defined audience.

For years, good content has been important for driving profitable customer action. In 2022, more of the same is expected: content will get even more critical. Are you ready to use the best content marketing strategies to meet your prospects’ needs?

This year's significant trends are increasing the depth of content, building thought leadership, personalization, and atomizing content. Let’s give them a closer look:

Add Value in Content

Content is still important, but it will become even more critical this year. With so much content in the marketplace, people are becoming pickier about where they spend their time. Brands will need to find ways to add value to their content, whether a blog post, video, or podcast.

Web design content should be written as solutions that are helpful to specific pain points for prospective customers. The answers should be easy for the reading customers to understand. Content can have links to other blog articles or resources that provide additional information and further explain the problem and solution.

Atomize Content
To boost engagement and conversions, consider content atomization. This is the technique of turning big blocks of information into smaller, more easily digested pieces. Take an e-book with one overarching theme and break it into chapters.

Instead of offering an entire book at once, you can give readers a piece of that book to read and enjoy. They'll like the idea that they can pick and choose what to read instead of sitting down with a book for hours on end. They'll be more engaged, plus they'll come back for more.

Content atomization can also be applied to videos. You might have a long video — maybe with a single point or theme. Break it up into episodes so that you can post them on various platforms. It will be more accessible to customers and easier for you as well. You can create content in this way for any piece of media you might have, from short YouTube videos to product descriptions on your online store.

Establish Expertise

Consumers are looking for experts to help guide them through the overwhelming number of decisions they face every day. As a result, Google increasingly recognizes sites with authoritative content and web design around specific topics, rewarding them with higher placement in search results.

Content is king, and this is especially true in the context of modern marketing. Brands will need to publish content on websites focused on specific topics and expand on them as time goes on. This is the secret to success in 2022.

Serve People, Not Bots

Over the last few years, you could get a good ranking on search engines by writing content that targeted search engines instead of users. After all, the main point back then was ranking highest to get more views.

However, as search engine algorithms keep advancing, they look to user experience in 2022. Search engines will give best priority to quality information, web design, user experience, and load time. The goal is to move away from keyword stuffing and better communication with users. To achieve this communication, the user experience must take priority.

Improve Web Design and Content Now

Online retail is about getting leads and converting them to sales at the end of their visit. The most effective one-two combo for this is relevant content and appealing web design. This will rank you higher and make you the preferred customer choice whenever they’re online.

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