Branding 101: How Web Design Can Boost Your Band Image

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Most people think that branding is simply making an abstract design that is more appealing than your competitors. These people also believe that marketing is merely getting the loudest people to talk about your company. However, these two are more than that.

Branding and marketing also involve numbers. If you are an entrepreneur, the numbers that you need to study are the statistics measuring the success of your marketing campaign.

Your success heavily relies on well-thought-of strategies and your web design. If you are clueless about the latter, there is no need to worry. All you need to do is to finish reading this blog.

Keep It Clean

Avoid making a messy web design. It is an eyesore, especially if it is cluttered and full of your business's ads.

Do not think your brand will get recognized by simply putting your logo and business name on your website. It is not that simple.

You have to keep everything for your consumers to remember you. More importantly, your potential consumers will have to have their contact details on your site. Having a clean website might increase your conversion rates, but it will also lead to a more rewarding investment.

Create Strategic Visuals

You need to think about your web design carefully. It is not as simple as making funky geometric shapes and neon colors. You want your website to be a marketing tool that will attract and retain your target audience. You also want to ensure that the visuals you use are pleasing to the eyes and strategic for your brand.

Make sure to choose the visuals that represent your business, products, or services well. It is worth investing in because the web design will alter consumer behavior - from mere spectator to buyer.

Maximize Your Homepage

Designing your website is essential, but it is equally important to make it visible. If a potential customer visits your website and only sees a dark screen, they will leave immediately. Incorporate your logo and a straightforward 'about' section on your homepage. Your consumers will immediately know what your site is all about. Then they will explore more.

Make Sure You Have Smooth Navigation

People click on your ads and end up on your website. It means that they are interested in your brand and are possibly going to make purchases soon. However, if they find it challenging to navigate your website, they will leave and never return.

To prevent this, make sure that your navigation is user-friendly. Your customers should understand what your site is all about with minimal effort. The navigation should also be simple and readable. Although it is not essential in your web design, it is worth investing in.   


Your website is your online presence. It is the face that your consumers will see and recognize your brand. It is also their first impression of your business, and you cannot be the best in your industry if your website is not up to par.

Decide what image you want to portray, prepare your budget, and be knowledgeable about the design. You need to be able to collaborate with your web designer so they can create your dream site.

Once you already have a vision for your website, get in touch with Brikwoo. We have been offering web design services since 2005, so you can rely on our skills and experience to create the perfect website for your business. Book an appointment now!
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