Startups Tips: How to Make People Recognize Your Brand

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Have you ever wondered how other brands' promotional materials do not require many details but end up still recognizable? When you see minimalist ads or teasers for McDonald's or Apple, you immediately know that these materials are from them. With just a simple use of tagline, fonts, or colors, people quickly identify the brand the ads are for without even seeing their logos. That is what you call the power of brand recognition, and all brands should aim for that kind of attention.

Such recognition does not just happen overnight, and not because you are a small business does not mean you cannot achieve the same. Anything is possible if you know how to do it right. With solid branding and a great marketing strategy, you can make it happen. Here are a few tips your brand can start with.

Build a Strong Brand Design

You can make many efforts to make people talk about your brand. But you could only make a mark in them if you have a striking brand design that they can remember. A logo that is recognizable and easy to recall is a good starting point. Then make sure to establish brand colors and fonts to use throughout your marketing materials. Aiming for one similar look among your online materials would help you build coherent and remarkable materials.

Make Posting Content a Habit

Recognition is all about familiarity, and you can only build that cognizance with frequency. People will start to recognize your brand better if you make them see your brand materials all the time. Consider increasing your material release if you want to heighten your brand's chance of being people's top-of-mind.

Regularly posting content online would help you build a more substantial connection with your followers. Also, make sure to apply your brand design guidelines in your social posts and all your marketing materials, including your email templates.

Make Your Posts Shareable

The more people see your online materials with a consistent look, the more they will recognize them. However, that does not mean you should only engage with the people who already know your brand. Awareness is a huge feat to conquer. It would be best to reach as many people as possible to guarantee success in this aspect.

One way to overcome this is by creating shareable content. When people see something helpful on their feed and believe that it would also be relatable to others, they would automatically share that content on their feed. Aim to be that content provider that releases entertaining yet also relevant content to people.

Everything begins with knowing what your target audience wants or the kind of language they speak. When you get into the style and minds of your audience, you can use that knowledge to your advantage and make materials that would resonate best with them. Researching what is currently happening nowadays would also be helpful.

Let Your Audience Speak and Listen to Them

Considering your audience's requests could also help boost your brand recognition and sales. If they are suggesting brand endorsements from specific influencers or celebrities, perhaps you should also consider them. Big companies do this to their brands. For example, McDo tapped on some well-loved celebrities today like BTS. Doing that helped increase its sales multiple times because it gave what its followers wanted.


Brand awareness is possible, but it is not always easy, especially for startups trying to make a name for themselves. With solid branding, quality designs, an excellent plan, and consistency, you can make it happen. Building awareness is a long-term process, but once you start that habit and make it a point to create that consistent effort, all your hard work will be worth it.

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