What Is Social Proof? And Why Is It Important for eCommerce?

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Social proof is one of the most important marketing techniques available to eCommerce store owners. It allows you to earn customer trust by showing that others have made successful purchases from your site. Third-party reviews are a powerful form of social proof, and this article will discuss what they are and why they work.

What Is Social Proof? And Why Is It Important for eCommerce?

"Social proof" refers to the idea that human beings are more likely to do things that other people are doing. The more people are doing something, the more we feel it must be the right thing to do, and hence we're more likely to follow suit. This isn't to say that all people are sheep who follow one another. It's more to do with our natural sense of distrust and fear of the unknown, which social proof combats. We are more likely to trust a product or purchase it when we're reading product reviews, which are typically posted by other purchasers who have already tried the product and concluded it was a worthwhile investment.

Social proof, therefore, is the use of outside sources to validate your product and the services you offer.

When Should a Business Use Social Proof?

Social proof is most effective when your business is focused on providing intangible products or services. People are wary about making huge investments in things they can't see, like a website or social media presence. No one wants to go ahead and buy a product or service that is untested and might not be any good. However, if they can see that other people have made the investment and it was worthwhile, they're much more likely to pull the trigger themselves.

Social Proof Makes for More Effective Marketing

Social proof is one of the most powerful forms of marketing available. Businesses often make their livelihoods from buying and selling products and services that customers don't know much about. The more social proof you can provide regarding these products, the more successful your business will become.

But What About Negative Reviews?

It's a two-sided coin. The same thing that makes social proof a powerful marketing tool can also make it a double-edged sword if it is used improperly. Sometimes, a customer's negative experience with a product can sway the opinion of your potential customers. However, instead of ignoring these reviews, you should call them out and address them.

How You Can Benefit from Using Social Proof

As a potential customer, what would you be more inclined to purchase: a product that has no reviews or one that has several positive reviews? It's no contest. A product with positive social proof commands greater respect and is more likely to convert buyers.


The best way to use social proof is to offer pre-sale product reviews and make them highly visible on your website. You can achieve this with either third-party reviews or you can create your own through the use of blogs, testimonials, or customer reviews on your product pages. The next best way is to allow your customers to write their own product reviews and then promote them in various places on your website.

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