The Role of Page Speed in Your Company’s Marketing Success

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Early last year, Forbes reported that e-commerce is on the rise. Other experts agree with this assertion because more people have resorted to buying online. This trend is said to stay.

This trend pushes us to focus on digital marketing. More importantly, entrepreneurs should invest in responsive web design because a slow website deters users from navigating your page. Thus, they are forced to switch to your competitor.

As an entrepreneur, you must remember that users are impatient. Most of them are unwilling to wait two seconds for your page to load. Thus, the need to invest in responsive web design. Kindly continue reading this article to understand more about this feature and its role in digital marketing.

What Is Page Speed? 

We have laid the ground on the importance of a responsive web design. Before we dig deep into its role in digital marketing, let us define page speed. How much time a browser takes to load fully functional Web Pages from any website.

As mentioned earlier, websites that take time to load can drive users away. At the other side of the aisle, websites that load quickly will get more online traffic. Thus, they get higher conversion rates.

Why Website Performance and Speed Are Important?

Now that we know why you need to invest in responsive web design, let us discuss how you can benefit from it. You will make a fine impression on customers by doing such a thing. They will make an instant judgment about your company.

People say that first impressions last. With that said, you must put your best foot forward in your marketing strategy. In this case, it is a responsive web design.

If your company’s website has a good page speed, you are already putting your best foot forward. A fast-loading website will impress your customer and make them happy and satisfied. It tells them that your brand is professional and dependable.

Another reason you should invest in a responsive web design is that it directly impacts your Google ranking. Google has been using website speed as one of the key ranking signals in its algorithm since 2010. The website speed reveals how fast a website responds to the web request placed by the users.

Google recommends three seconds of page loading time for both desktops and mobile devices. However, they say that most websites' actual average loading time is around 22 seconds. The technology giant knows that if people visit slow-loading pages, it has a negative impact on their user experience.

Now, let us discuss how a responsive web design can impact your conversion rate. Many studies show that a website's speed directly affects the conversion rate of a business. They point out that users prefer high-speed websites compared to slow-loading ones. Many companies noticed that even a reduction of a few milliseconds in their page loading speed resulted in more conversions.


Naturally, you would worry about the cost of investing in a responsive web design. But you will later see that such a purchase is worth it, especially when you start seeing an increase in your revenue.

If you are searching for a respectable company that will help your business with a responsive web design, look no farther than Brikwoo. We take great pride in helping our fellow Christians propel their businesses to success. So take that leap of faith and call us now for more information! 
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