Tips to Optimizing Your Website for Voice Searches by 2022

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By 2022, many internet users won’t be typing away at their keyboards to look for their favorite brands, products, or companies. They’ll be using voice technologies such as Siri, Alexa, and other virtual assistants to do so.

A recent study on marketing trends noted that voice-activated sales would reach
$40 billion next year! Furthermore, 62 percent of those who own virtual assistant devices or use virtual assistant technology use them for retail more than any other function!

These numbers prove that websites and website design services need to double down on being virtual assistant-friendly for their pages to come out as one of the top choices for the product or service in question. If you want to optimize your website for this exciting new development, here are some tips you need to keep in mind:

Complete Your Google My Business Profile

Filling up an online business profile can sometimes be for the sake of compliance. It lets netizens know you’re there but does not give them access to all your information, such as your physical address or email.

When it comes to being voice-search ready, a fully complete profile gives you a search engine edge. Customers who inquire about your business will receive all the necessary information they need to hear, which could positively affect their purchasing decision. Knowing who they’re dealing with could help them make an informed choice from simply asking questions to making a purchase.

This responsive web design feature relies on your business’ complete information and allows you to reach Google’s 86.9 billion visitors per month!

Loading Speed and Functionality

Interestingly, search engines like Google factor in how fast a website loads and performs. If your page crashes or lags more often than not, these delays result in low voice search optimization since visitors don’t function well enough.

On the other hand, fast loading and performance mean Google will likely recommend your website whenever customers perform a voice-assisted search. By fast, we mean your page should be fully loaded in two seconds or even less! A delay by just a second can lead to a 7 percent loss in conversions. It may not seem high, but if your site gets one million visits a day, that’s 70,000 lost customers.

Longer Keywords

Regular SEO uses chopped-up, grammatically incorrect keywords for the quickest, most accurate search. “Best market near me” and “how to be healthy” are prime examples of this. They are understandable, too, since internet users don’t have time to type out lengthy sentences for a supposedly quick search.

When it comes to voice-assisted search, this new trend turns this behavior on its head. Since we’re communicating with AI that simulates human conversation, the keywords needed for responsive web design are a bit more long-form and conversational.

“Best market near me” will now turn into “What is the best market near me?” “How to be healthy” needs to be said as: “How can I be healthy in the new year?” Remember that AI-powered voice assistance is trained to mimic and respond to human speech and conversation. Thus, your products’ and services’ keywords must also conform to this standard.

For reference, visit Google’s Keyword Planner. It’s a fantastic resource that helps online businesses determine the right long-form keywords for responsive web design and optimize voice-assisted search.


Your business must be ready to evolve constantly to serve an ever-changing and growing market. In this instance, it’s catering to an audience transitioning from manual online research to voice-assisted searches. These tips optimize online brands with responsive web design that makes them stand out in rankings and the preferred choice for Google and other search engines on the Internet.

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