7 Logo Design Mistakes You Must Avoid at All Costs

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Lawyers speak for you in court, and so you'll want to pick the best lawyer for the job, right? The same can be said about your logo. You want to design it perfectly to ensure that it speaks volumes about your business, casting the right light over your brand and giving your audience positive vibes whenever they see it.

Unfortunately, designing a logo is challenging. Not many companies can develop a suitable logo, costing them plenty of business opportunities. More often than not, their logo has been tainted from mistakes they made in an attempt to make it, and these are the mistakes you never want to make when designing your business logo.

That said, let us talk about logo design mistakes you must avoid:

Mistake 1. Not Planning

If you don't plan, anything is possible. Your logo might come out 'okay,' but it probably won't be perfect. Go over your logo's goals and design it based on them. Understand your business needs, and then select the best colors and font for your logo. Remember, you don't want your logo to be a distraction; instead, you want it to be the most eye-catching part of your brand.

Mistake 2. Not Considering the Company Name

When designing a business logo, you need to make sure that your logo matches the name of your business. If they don't match, you're in big trouble. Consider how your logo would look with your company name, and when it looks good, you will know that you're making progress.

Mistake 3. Using a Generic Template

There is no shame in using a template for your design. However, there is shame in using a generic, readily available template that millions of designers use. Many companies make this mistake, thinking that it would save them time. In the long run, they end up with a boring logo.

Mistake 4. Not Making Changes

You have to be creative, and you can't expect to be creative if you don't allow changes. Change it if you see anything in your logo that you don't like. Make it as you want it, and your finished result will be more fitting for your business.

Mistake 5. Not Considering Your Target Audience

When designing your logo, don't forget that your target audience is essential. Even if you have a knack for design, it will not be effective if your logo is not suited to your target audience.

Mistake 6. Not Following Your Logo's Purpose

Your logo design's purpose should be consistent with the purpose of your business. If your logo is not consistent with your business, it will make it difficult for your company to present itself positively. When designing your logo, make sure you understand what you want to project.

Mistake 7. Using the Wrong Colors

Color can make or break your design. The wrong colors in your logo design can negatively impact your business, especially if your audience is sensitive to specific colors. Be creative with your colors, and don't just pick the ones that are 'in' at the moment.


Your logo represents your company's identity, so you must design it properly. If you don't, you risk losing customers, which is never something you want to experience. Your logo should reflect your brand and the feeling you want to give off to your target audience. So, be creative and be consistent, and do whatever it takes to avoid all of the mistakes we've mentioned above when you're designing your logo. In doing so, you'll surely be able to produce a logo that is eye-catching, stunning, and a true reflection of who you are.

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