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The Challenge

For any company which offers a variety of services, focusing on marketing each of these correctly is a challenge. While increasing the number of leads was our ultimate goal, we also had to face a few other obstacles:

Unprofessional Receptionist
An AdWords agency is only as successful as the number of leads that convert. However, there are always client-side hindrances that need to be faced. In this case, the person answering the calls was not professional. They were unable to have a conversation to convert an incoming lead.

Competitive Industry
The landscaping industry is a competitive one. Offering and advertising unique services is a challenge that requires creative solutions. We realized we have to leverage our team’s talents better to produce results.

Limited Budget
Despite having a wide array of services, the client had a limited PPC budget. This is not uncommon in companies just venturing out into the AdWords world.

Our Solution

Keyword Research, Ad Copy, and creative Landing Pages formed a stable foundation for success.

Here are some highlights of our efforts:

Communication :
When we on-boarded the client and uncovered the issue with the receptionist, we brought it up to the client. Situations like these can be tricky but we rely on data to back up our argument. Our call tracking solution - Phone Wagon, enabled us to share voice recordings with the client. This lead to them fixing the issue of the unprofessional receptionist on their end.

Customized Strategy :
We started with creating Single Keyword Ad Group campaigns to target their landscaping design services. Our plan was to grow each service at a time to the point where qualified leads became the rule, not an exception. After a year of earning leads for only Landscaping Designs, we added Garden Centres and Plants Sold to our list of targeted terms.

The latter campaign did really well - especially in the peak seasons of end of Summer and start of Fall:

Regular Optimizations :
While we believe in working on creative solutions, we also focus on consistency. Weekly optimizations with the big picture of marketing in sight lead to these campaigns getting the clients more qualified leads.
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The Result

Here is a monthly view of performance from December 2018 to December 2019. As you can see, the best month was April 2019, which is the peak season (Spring) for Landscaping:

Since their launch on April 2018, the campaigns have achieved (till Dec 2019):

  • 557 qualified leads for Landscape Design at a Cost per Lead of $13.29
  • 57,570 Impressions with an above-industry average Click Through Rate of 4.55%
  • Since it’s launch on June 2019, the Garden Center campaign has received 28 qualified leads at a Cost per Lead of $58
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