The Importance of Having a Service Strategy in Your Church

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Simply put, churches are called to serve.

Their mission is to serve their visitors, members, volunteers, and staff by providing a welcoming place for them to gather and learn more about their faith… and then implement that faith in the community and into the nations of the World. It’s easy for a church to struggle with the term “customer” and how it applies to them. We don’t use that kind of language in the church, but hear this thought in context of service rather than selling.

More and more churches are recognizing the importance of identifying who their "customers" are and creating strategies to address their needs. We all are called to a region for a purpose with a “target audience”. Sure, as the Word says, we are all called to preach the Gospel to every creature, but I believe that each church has it’s own unique DNA and can reach a group of people that maybe another church down the street doesn’t have the capacity to reach.

In the business world, these strategies are referred to as “Customer Service Strategies” and can include designing programs, revising policies, and creating processes to meet the needs of their customers. Today, we look at how churches need to develop a service strategy for these "customers" in order for them to serve their people better.

Who Are the Church's Customers?

In reality, all people who visit, belong to, volunteer with, or work at a church are potential “customers.” This can include everyone from the pastor to the people who clean the church, to the person who sits in the back row of the worship service, to the person who just walks in the door for the first time. Each of these people has a particular need that can be identified and met by a “customer service” strategy.

In order to develop a service strategy, a church must identify its “ideal customer”; Who are we called to serve… specifically?

Identifying the "Ideal Customer"

Identifying the “ideal customer” for a church can help the church to determine the needs of those within its congregation and develop strategies to meet those needs. For example, if a church wants to encourage its members to engage in spiritual growth and development, then its service strategy should be focused on supporting these needs.

The key to developing a customer service strategy is identifying the “ideal customer” and developing a strategy to best meet their needs.

What Customer Service Means to a Church

While “customer service” is a term that has traditionally been used in the business world to describe how a business interacts with its customers, a church can also apply the term.

You can’t know how to serve your customer until you know their deepest desires and needs. So in order to meet the needs of their customers, a church must define their customer service and what makes it unique.


I know this terminology ca be foreign in the church world, but conceptually it makes sense. Church leadership must create a service strategy based on the people they are trying to serve. This strategy will help them to better meet the needs of all the people who visit, belong to, volunteer with, or work at their church.

After all, we are all called to serve. We are blessed to be a blessing.
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