Does My Small Business Really Need A Logo?

Every business needs a logo! No matter the size of your business, a logo is the foundation of your entire brand. Many small business owners think a professionally designed logo has to be super expensive, but a great logo can be affordable.
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How does a logo benefit my business?

✅ It’s the centerpiece for your marketing strategy

✅ It helps people recognize and remember your business

✅ It’s your calling card, one of the first things a customer sees

✅ It attracts visitors’ attention and tells your story in a glance

✅ It creates a positive and lasting impression with customers


What makes a great logo?

A great logo is memorable It will accurately convey your unique identity.

A great logo will be as functional as it is attractive It will be effective at very small and very large sizes, on a sign, on a business card, t-shirts, pen, or trade show display.

A great logo should:
Distinguish you as unique from any other business, church, or organization.

Be simple. Make a quick and meaningful statement.

Use strong elements. Using the right fonts and colors can say as much as an image.

Avoid distracting elements. Unnecessary taglines, website URLs and LLC info, etc. diminish the weight of your project's message, and are best used in conjunction with a logo rather than as a part of it.


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