3 Building Blocks for Designing Your Social Media Brand

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There are many ways companies can grow and succeed through social media. Some of these ways are more effective than others, and many can be traced back to the initial way that a company establishes itself on social media.

Online presence isn't enough for businesses. It must be apparent from the way they engage with audiences and craft content that they have well-defined values and keep those values in mind when creating the posts you publish.

Various reasons exist for a business to market its services through social media with or without the help of a design agency. Social media allows companies to circumvent the middleman and connect directly with clients. It is also a fast way to spread the news relevant to your brand.

Using social media has become so ubiquitous that it is no longer considered social; millions of people search for content on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, and other platforms without even thinking about it. Given this statistic, it makes sense for companies looking to market their products online to use these sites as part of their overall strategy.

While there are many benefits to using social media as part of an online marketing strategy, some risks should be considered. It’s important not to become dependent on social media or let other outside factors influence how you run your business. Keep in mind that all interactions on social media should represent your brand’s values and create a unified message from all of your posts on every platform. It’s also important not to forget about your audience’s preferences when putting together a strategy for social media marketing.

Building Block #1: Find Out Your Demographic

Having a complete understanding of one’s customers is essential for gaining insight into their needs. Understanding their age ranges and locations will help companies determine what type of influencers to partner with to represent the brand.

Influencers are people who represent a brand online, and brands should partner with influencers who share the same audience as their customers. They should be engaging, authentic, and have a firm grasp of the company’s brand to lead social media campaigns successfully.

Selecting the right social media platforms — and design agency to execute these plans — can be challenging for a business. Still, it’s best to focus on platforms used by the target audience. It’s helpful to define social media goals and find out which platforms those goals align best with. Analyzing what kind of content is posted on each platform will help decide where the company should focus its attention.

Building Block #2: Find Out Your Niche

Social media influencers tend to focus on a few key areas, such as beauty, parenting, or financial coaching. Because of this, they have a more targeted audience. That audience is the area they’re genuinely interested in and what suits their personality.

Once you decide what you want to focus your influencer activities on, begin creating posts — tag other accounts related to your influencer niche.

Building Block #3: Find Out Your Tone and Voice

The target audience is the most vital aspect of developing a brand’s voice and tone. Put yourself in your audience's shoes, and consider what would prompt them to take action to buy your company’s product or follow your brand.

Often, companies take a general approach to social media, directing posts at a broad audience rather than more targeted users. However, brands employing a design agency need to think about what they want to accomplish—after the dust settles, what is their goal?—and how that can galvanize their audience long-term.

In Summary

Building an online brand is about creating a persona that resonates with your target audience, reflects their values, and encourages them to support you. These three tips will help you do just that, ensuring you connect with customers, improve your relationship with them, and lead to sales that benefit your bottom line.

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