The 7 Design Elements Every Logo Should Have

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We all know by now that image is everything and making a first impression is a big deal for almost any company today. Indeed, a company's logo is its most cherished possession.

A logo design wields a lot of power for just one piece of graphic design. It has the ability to make or break your name in a competitive market, which is why many professionals see the logo-making process as exciting, dreadful, daunting, and beautiful all at the same time.

Logos that follow specific principles are the most successful. Read on to discover the seven important design elements that every logo should have.

What Makes a Good Logo Design?

You'll be able to give a designer directions once you've determined what your logo should "speak" and to whom it should be expressed. When weighing numerous possibilities, it is critical to remember these elements:

1. The Simplicity and Effortlessness

When confronted with clean, minimalist logos, the observer is left with a distinct impression of "you." The more straightforward something is, the better.

When you use logos in a range of styles, formats, and sizes, some of their details will be lost. A strong logo is one that conveys the intended message with a minimal number of easily identifiable components. Remove any non-essential components.

2. The Memorability

The logo should be instantly identifiable. A single concept should be represented, and it should be simple enough to remember. This applies to any symbol. Logos that are difficult to "understand" due to their intricacy, clutter, multiple pieces, or stylization are more likely to be overlooked.

3. The Originality

Avoid using logos that are very generic. To avoid plagiarizing others' work, look for common design features in industry logos. Telecommunications company logos often feature globes, technology and electronics company logos typically contain swooshes, and dental company logos typically show teeth or smiles.

4. The Classical-Modern Touch

"Modern" is synonymous with "current," but your brand identity should not be so "current" that it needs a makeover in five years.

Remember, a trend is currently popular but will go away in the near future. The contemporary style is less stylized and more controlled, and it depicts the age without utilizing specifics.

A logo should be modern in the sense that it is current, but it should not contain too many "hot" features that it becomes out of date too quickly. Because potential clients will believe your company has fallen behind the times.

Simply incorporate modern design elements such as colors and typefaces into your project.

5. The Balance

The most successful firms incorporate proportion and symmetry in their logos. Because of the use of balanced as well as symmetrical element layouts, both Apple and Twitter have visually appealing and well-balanced designs.

6. The Complementary Features

The graphic element of your logo and the text it employs should match one another. Should. If your visual is ordered and linear, choose a simple typeface. Even when used alone, the two components function together to produce a single whole.

7. The Versatility

Your company's logo will be used in a variety of ways. As such, the logo must be able to be used on merchandise, places in different sizes and orientations, and more.


Your company's logo must be able to keep both its identity and function regardless of the environment in which it is utilized. As such, make sure you work with a professional designer that can apply these design elements while achieving your vision. A skilled designer will be able to analyze this information and build an adaptable logo. In addition, he or she will evaluate the other components of the firm, such as the textures and patterns, in order to design a logo that complements them.

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