Signs to Prove It’s Time to Give Your Website a Redesign

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If you’ve launched a website a few years back, it might be time to revisit and redesign it. What worked years before may no longer work today, especially considering how quickly technology changes.

Do you want to keep your business ahead of the competition? Use your website as a tool and present your best foot forward online. If you’re in doubt whether you need web design services, here are some signs that might change your mind.

1. Your Web Page Loading Time Is Too Slow

A slow loading time is the biggest turn-off for visitors to any website they check out. As soon as a user sees a page is loading too long, they will likely leave.

When it comes to web page load time, you can do three things: first, you can choose a hosting provider using a fast server to host web pages. Second, you can apply an image compression service to load photos quicker. Finally, you can use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to host your images, CSS, HTML files, and other components.

2. You Have Problems with Lead Conversion

If you’re having problems with conversions, there’s a good chance your website needs a makeover. Your site is a vital tool to capture leads online. It is where your website’s main goal should be. After all, you can’t attract leads if they can’t find your website or follow through with a conversion.

If your website is overdue for a redesign, you need to do market research to determine what your target audience wants. It will help to talk to your customers and ask them about their experience with your company, thoughts, suggestions, concerns, and needs. That way, you will be on the right track and make the proper changes to your website.

3. Your Fonts and Colors Are Inconsistent

It doesn’t matter what your website’s theme is. If you want people to browse your site, you need to ensure that your fonts and colors are easily readable.

When fonts are too small, colors are too bright, or font styles are too different, it will be hard for your site visitors to consume the valuable information on your website.

4. You Have Trouble Managing Website Content

It’s hard to keep up with creating and editing website content when you have so many things to do. If developing website content is not your forte, you need to outsource it. You could consider working with copywriters and content writers to keep your website producing value for your target market.

You can also use a Content Management System (CMS) to look after your web pages. A good CMS allows you to create and manage your web pages easily.

5. Your Website Layout Does Not Translate to Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have turned into the biggest traffic source for websites. It means that it’s not enough to have a website alone anymore.

You must ensure that your website looks good on all devices, including smartphones. If your website does not have a responsive web design, it will drive away your mobile device users, and you will miss out on a massive chunk of potential customers.

Final Thoughts 

Getting a new website redesign will give you a boost to keep your business moving. It may require extra investment to make changes and redesign a website, but it’s worth it in the long run. 

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